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How to apply false eyelashes like a pro

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False eyelashes are a great way to add length and volume to your natural lashes and can really enhance your overall look. Although it may seem intimidating at first, with a little practice and patience, anyone can apply false eyelashes like a professional. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Choose the Right Lashes

The first step in applying false eyelashes is to choose the right pair for your eye shape and desired look. There are many different styles of lashes available, from natural-looking wispy lashes to full, dramatic lashes. Consider the occasion and your personal preference when selecting your lashes. It is also important to make sure the lashes fit the length of your natural lash line.

Prepare Your Natural Lashes

Before applying your false lashes, make sure your natural lashes are clean and free of any mascara or eyeliner. This will help the glue stick better and keep the lashes in place for longer.

Apply the Glue

Apply a small amount of lash glue to the band of the false lashes and let it set for a few seconds. It is important to wait for the glue to become tacky before attempting to apply the lashes to your eyelids.


Using a pair of tweezers or your fingers, carefully place the false eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, starting from the inner corner of your eye and working your way outwards. Make sure the lashes are positioned correctly and are securely attached to your eyelid. If you are having trouble getting the lashes to stick, try pressing them down with the end of a clean mascara wand, starting from the inner corner of your eye and working outwards.


Once the false lashes are in place, use your tweezers or fingers to gently adjust the lashes until they are in the desired position. Use a clean mascara wand or a lash comb to comb through your natural lashes and the false lashes to help blend them together.

Finishing Touches

To complete the look, apply a coat of mascara to your natural lashes to help blend the false lashes in. You can also use an eyeliner to fill in any gaps between the lashes and create a seamless look.

Removing Your False Lashes

When it comes time to remove your false eyelashes, soak a cotton pad with makeup remover and hold it over your closed eye for a few seconds to help loosen the glue. Gently pull the false lashes away from your eyelid, starting from the outer corner and working your way inwards.

In conclusion, mastering the art of applying false eyelashes takes time and practice, but with these tips and a little patience, anyone can achieve a stunning, professional-looking result. So go ahead and give it a try – you might just discover a new favorite beauty trick!

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